Pilot (Class)Edit

A pilot is the basic infantry in a space battle. They are suited to dogfighting, destroying critical points inside enemy capital ships and repairing friendly critical points.


Its weaponry consists of:

Commando Pistol

Fusion Cutter

Time Bomb

Award WeaponryEdit

Precision Pistol


These are the individual units for each faction:

Republic: Clone Pilot

CIS: Droid Pilot

Rebel Alliance: Rebel Pilot

Galactic Empire: Imperial Pilot

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Pilots are not very useful in infantry combat, due to their paltry pistol and impracticality of their time bombs in direct fighting.
  • Therefore, they are generally used for flying spaceships, internal strike teams and repairing damaged friendly critical points.
  • Pilots have the ability to slowly repair their spaceship while they are in it.
  • Apart from repairing "on the fly", retreating to a safe area and waiting for health to regenerate is a viable tactic, especially on a sustained offensive.
  • This health regeneration means auto turrets become less of a threat as the ship can easily regerate the health lost.
  • If a transport ship is flown into the enemy base for an internal assault, a Pilot should be in it at all times because if a single marine tries to destroy the ship with a rocket launcher, the health lost will regenerate before the marine can fire another rocket.
  • They can give the interceptor an edge over its foe, a fighter more versatility and enhance the bomber's damage tanking capability.
  • Pilots can also be good at internal assaults if used properly.
  • They are suited for group missions with marines to protect them as they destroy critical points, but if used properly can be used for solo missions.
  • Time bombs are obviously the best method of destroying critical points, even surpassing rocket launchers and thermal detonators in terms of damage.
  • Time bombs can also be used to set traps for enemies coming through doors or around corners.
  • The small amount of time bombs that a Pilot can hold restricts their capacity of destruction, but the Ammo Droid situated in the central room of an enemy capital ship can remedy that.
  • If the droid is destroyed, a Pilot's fusion cutter can repair it.
  • A Pilot should avoid contact with enemy personnel, especially marines that are much better at infantry combat than it.
  • Auto turrets are a large threat, but a pistol combined with good dodging skill can quickly take and keep them down.
  • The precision pistol is a huge boost to a pilot's anti-personnel capabilities, and it can take down most anything it meets with a few shots.
  • Finally, the fusion cutter can be used to slowly repair critical points. Ship Shield Generators and Autoturret Mainframes should be a priority as they increase the defensive capability of the capital ship.
  • If you have a precision pistol, take out every auto turret and try to avoid contact with AI units, a single pilot can destroy all 4 critical parts of the enemy's ship. The best order is to do this: Destroy the enemy's frigate if they have one. Then pick the A-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Jedi Starfighter or Tri-Fighter and fly into the enemy ship. Destroy the 2 auto turrets and place a time bomb on the auto turret defences and then 2 on the shields. Repeat this step twice. Then destroy the engines since it will take long to destroy those with a bomber and lastly, the life support systems. Then steal one of there bombers and finish off the ship. Bear in mind that this is not as effective when playing online.

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