The Orbital Strike is a Power Up featured in Star Wars Battlefront.


A lethal cannon barrage from planetary orbiting ships, covering a large area. Players that are within the target radius will receive a warning 1-4 seconds beforehand to escape. If escape isn't an option, finding shelter before the bombardment can also protect the player, as the orbital strike cannot penetrate obstacles such as buildings and debris.

On the mini-map, enemy Orbital Strike zones are indicated by red circles, and friendly strikes are represented by blue circles. Contrary to popular belief, friendly players standing inside the zone of a friendly orbital strike will not be dealt damage by the bombardment.


  • Orbital Strikes can be used on Hoth in Walker Assault, even though the shield generator is still online.
  • Respectively, Imperial Orbital Strikes have green turbolaser bolts and the Rebels have red laser bolts.
  • Orbital Strikes have the ability to deal massive damage (and kill) to heroes and villains.
  • On the game mode Turning Point, AI Orbital Strikes appear near the Empire's Boundaries when the game begins, and after each point is taken, thus hindering the advance of the Rebels to a somewhat degree. These Orbital Strikes do not, however, appear on the mini-map, and can kill players if they approach their position.
  • Nien Nunb has the ability to call an orbital strike if he's played on a large game mode. However, the orbital strike he calls lasts much longer.
  • One of the AT-AT's abilities is an enhanced Orbital Strike with a much larger radius.