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Battlefront OOM commander

The Battle Droid Commander in Theed as the Separatist Officer.

The Officer class is one of the four trooper classes used in Star Wars Battlefront II. Officers improve their teammates. They use special skills that enhance soldiers, secure enemy positions with automatic blasters, and strengthen allies.

This class has 150 health points, moderate durability, a moderate mobility, commands the battlefield and deploys offensive turrets.


Each faction has it's own Officer class.

Galactic RepublicEdit


Galactic EmpireEdit

Rebel AllianceEdit


First OrderEdit

Abilities Edit

Every faction has the same abilities.

Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

  • Officer's Presence – Reduces the delay before nearby allies' health regeneration begins.
  • Marksman – When you defeat an enemy with a headshot, your weapon heat will be reset and your weapon will produce less heat until you overheat next time.
  • Expert Weapons Handling – Your weapon cooling success states are longer.
  • Brawler – When you defeat an enemy in melee combat, your abilities refresh and you gain a small amount of health.
  • Bodyguard – Take reduced damage from explosions and toxins.
  • Survivalist – Your health regeneration delay is shorter than normal.
  • Bounty Hunter – You gain Battle Points at an increased rate.
  • Resourceful – All of your abilities have shorter recharge times.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Improved Flash Grenade – An improved version of the Flash Grenade, with increased blast radius and damage output. RETRIGGER ACTION: Split into fragments.
  • Homing Shot – A weapon that locks on to enemy soldiers and fires a guided missile to track them down.
  • Defuser – A device that creates an electrically charged field in a large area around its user for a limited time that automatically defuses any incoming explosives
  • Blast Command – An improved version of Battle Command that gives unlimited blaster cooling to yourself and nearby allies for a limited time.
  • Recharge Command – Boost yourself and friendly soldiers in your vicinity by taking your abilities out of recharge and increasing your recharge speed for a limited time.
  • Improved Battle Command – An improved version of Battle Command that has a shorter recharge time, bigger effective radius, and also buffs yourself.
  • Improved Blaster Turret – An improved version of the Blaster Turret with increased health and shorter recharge time. RETRIGGER ACTION: Self-destruct.
  • Squad Shield – A portable energy shield that protects users from blasters and other energy weapons. RETRIGGER ACTION: Undeploy shield.
  • Disruption – A modified defusion device which creates a burst of ionized energy that overheats enemy weapons, defuses explosives and temporarily disables turrets.

Weapons Edit

Class specific weapons: Edit

Galactic Republic Edit

Confederacy of Independent Systems Edit

Galactic Empire Edit

Rebel Alliance Edit

Resistance Edit

First Order Edit

  • SE-44

Available for all factions: Edit

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