Nebulon B-class Frigate (EF76 Nebulon-B class Escorter)
Nebulon B Cruiser
Basic Info



Rebel Alliance

Unit Details
  • Frigate Defence
  • Reactor Core

The Nebulon-B is a support ship and frigate/cruiser for the Rebel Alliance. It is impossible to spawn a ship/transport inside the frigate, as the ship does not have enough room. The frigate is used as a first defence before enemy ships get to the Capital ships, and it also can be relief to pilots who are trying to escape enemy pilots. The frigate is armed with auto turrets. Docking and spawning at this frigate is impossible.

Attacks (SWBF:RS)Edit

Attacks (SWBF:ES)Edit


  • In the Star Wars universe this ship was commissioned for the Galactic Empire, however, these ships where often stolen or hijacked by the Rebel Alliance. An example is the Redemption, the medical ship from The Battle of Endor, from the Return of the Jedi.
  • The Nebulon-B is a Cruiser in SWBF:ES but a Frigate in SWBF:RS.
  • This ship has also also appeared in mods.




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