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Battlefront E3 2017 02

Theed is a map located on Naboo in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.


Theed is included in the map rotation of the following modes:

In the first stage, clone troopers must use ion launchers that are scattered around the map to damage the incoming Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) leading the Separatist invasion force. The droids must attack the clones carrying the ion launchers before they destroy the MTT. If the MTT is destroyed, the Republic team wins and the round ends. If the clone troopers fail to stop the MTT before it reaches the palace, the second stage begins.

In the second stage, the droids are attempting to storm the palace and deactivate the security systems protecting the heart of the palace—the throne room. The clones must prevent the droids from overriding the security systems in the West and East Atrium of the palace. Failing to do so will give the droids access to the throne room, commencing the third stage.

In the third stage, the clones must prevent the droids from taking the throne room control point. The droids must enter the throne room and capture the control point at its center. If the droids breach the clone defenses and begin entering the throne room, the clones usually have little opportunity to take the throne room back. If the droids successfully capture the point, they win the round. If the clone troopers prevent the droids from doing so, the Republic wins the round.



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