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Theed is a map located on Naboo in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It can be played during the Clone Wars era.


Theed is included in the map rotation of the following modes:

Galactic AssaultEdit

In the first stage, the Galactic Republic must use ion launchers that are scattered around the map to damage the incoming Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) leading the Separatist invasion force. The Separatists must attack the clones carrying the ion launchers before they destroy the MTT. If the MTT is destroyed, the round ends and the Republic team wins. If the clone troopers fail to stop the MTT before it reaches the palace, the second stage begins.

In the second stage, the droids are attempting to storm the palace and deactivate the security systems protecting the heart of the palace—the throne room. The clones must prevent the droids from overriding the security systems in the West and East Atriums of the palace. Failing to do so will give the droids access to the throne room, commencing the third stage.

In the third stage, the clones must prevent the droids from taking the throne room control point. The droids must enter the throne room and capture the control point at its center. If the droids breach the clone defenses and begin entering the throne room, the clones usually have little opportunity to take the throne room back. If the droids successfully capture the point, they win the round. If the clone troopers prevent the droids from doing so, the Republic wins the round.

Description Edit

Theed is an urban map consisting of many buildings, streets, and alleys. The playable area is shaped like a massive corridor ending in the Royal Palace itself. The city's architecture exhibits the artistic nature of the Naboo people. The streets are lined with flowering trees, and the open squares are decorated by gardens and fountains. The buildings are made of the same sand-colored stone bricks, accented by the jade-green domes that top them.

The Separatists spawn on the main street beside one of their MTTs in Galactic Assault, while the Republic troops begin on the other side of the first grand archway. NPC battle droids can be seen escorting away prisoners at the beginning of the match, while an LAAT gunship is seen depositing clone reinforcements by the Republic. The citizens of Theed can be seen fleeing the map before the battle commences.

The map itself is made of a maze of streets on either side of the main road. Buildings, columns, planters, and Republic supply crates all provide cover throughout the city. There is a marketplace halfway down the map on the left hand side, facing the palace. On the right, there is a small park with benches and fountains.

The Royal Palace is clearly the largest structure on the map, and only becomes available when the MTT reaches nears its entrance. The wide steps are lined by great statues of the Naboo deities. Once the doors are blasted open by the Seperatist tank, the entrance becomes cluttered by massive ruins. Inside, the floor and walls are made of reflective marble, and the corridors are lined with paintings of past kings and queens.

The throne room is made of the same marble, and is surrounded by columns. The queen's desk sits before a great window and faces the two staircases that lead up to it. On either side, there are doors leading to additional staircases, each with its own massive statue.


  • The Theed map was featured as the Galactic Assault map in the beta that originally released on the 6th of October, ending on the 11th of October.


1.03 Patch

  • Blocked off some areas on Kamino and Naboo where players could use aerial units to gain an unfair advantage over other players.