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Naboo is a planet featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It has one multiplayer map, Theed, and is also visited in the singleplayer campaign mission "Royalty."


One of the many temperate planets in Battlefront II, Naboo differentiates itself from Takodana or Endor in its predominantly urban map of Theed. Depending on the mode, players fight in the city streets, inside the Royal Palace, or in a palace hangar.

Naboo Afternoon Palace Street - Johan Jeansson DICE

Theed in the afternoon

For the portion outdoors, there are two day variants: day or afternoon. The day variant is characterized by a blue sky with the sun directly overhead. The afternoon variant is characterized by an orange glow cast by a fading sunset.

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The following is a list of maps that are set on Naboo:


The following is a list of modes that can be played on Naboo:


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