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Maps are the battlefields in the Battlefront games.

Star Wars: Battlefront onlyEdit

Star Wars: Battlefront II onlyEdit

Space Maps

Campaign and Galactic Conquest Space Maps

Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron onlyEdit

Space Maps

Star Wars: Battlefront Elite Squadron onlyEdit

Space missions:

  • All planets in Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron

Battlefront I and Battlefront IIEdit

Mod MapsEdit

Main articles:

Side NotesEdit

*Only available in Battlefront with the Update 1.02

**Only available in Battlefront II with the Xbox Live Patch

List of Planets of the Star Wars: Battlefront Series

Bespin - Geonosis - Hoth - Kamino - Kashyyyk - Naboo - Rhen Var - Tatooine - Yavin IV

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