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A-Wing Interceptor
What type of ships does people of Northern part of North America *cough*Canada*cough* fly? The Eh?-Wing!

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We, as the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki, have the mission to be the best online resource on Star Wars Battlefront franchise. One person can do that, but as a group, we can reach beyond our limits. Life has its rise and fall, but we have one chance to live it well. Like so, we have received a fall and is often overshadowed by those who think they are greater. Those who think we are nothing but a speck on their domain. But isn't that who everyone of us is? One in the seven billion of the world's population. However, we can stand up for ourselves and aim high, not to be noticed, but to be who we are. We don't need sponsors to have our website on their homepage to show how good we are, as the only reward is from within. As any people can stand among the billions and say "I am different" but the true uniqueness is when one acts true to their words. Every edit, every word, every idea, the wiki changes. Whether for the better or the worse, it changes. So go out there, be different, be who you are. Eventually, we will seek our mission and feel proud that we have done it, and when happens, it well set us apart, and people will find out how great uniqueness can be. Sky may be the limit, but the space beyond that have vast possibilities.

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Star Wars Battlefront Teaser - E3 2013 EA Conference00:33

Star Wars Battlefront Teaser - E3 2013 EA Conference

Star Wars Battlefront E3 Trailer & Alpha Footage!01:39

Star Wars Battlefront E3 Trailer & Alpha Footage!

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Congratulations, The Crazy Weirdo for being so persistent while people was away, and keeping the wiki in optimum condition!

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Here is were we all are living:

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If we miss any of you, please contact the one of the Administrators.


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Want to share what you love and hate about Battlefront? Stop by our Critic's Corner to give your opinion and converse with the other critics like you!

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Clone Trooper P1

For this wiki to achieve high standards, we need people can help out on editing missing contents.

We need people that have:

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