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This article contains information about content that was cut before release of the game.
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MTT (Multi Troop Transport)
Basic Info

Troop Transport


Separatist Alliance

Ship Details

5 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, and 3 Passengers.

The Multi Troop Transport, or MTT, was a vehicle that is used by the CIS during the Clone Wars. It had brown markings and it could carry 42 troops (40 regular and 2 pilots). It was cut from the first 2 Battlefront games for space reasons.

This vehicle also appear in some MOD maps or games due to it's source files being available. An example of a map containing this vehicle is the Naboo:Prototype map from the Conversion Pack.

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots
Repeating Blaster Repeating Blaster Infinite Shots

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Beam Cannon Beam Cannon Infinite Shots
Repeating Blaster Repeating Blaster Infinite Shots



  • Naboo: Plains
  • Naboo Prototype (conv pack only) but in different vehicle
  • This vehicle also appears in Battlefront I Mods.


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