Kylo Ren is a playable hero for the First Order in Star Wars Battlefront II. He is the son of Han Solo and Leia, Luke's nephew and Vader's grandson.

He is voiced by Matthew Wood, while his Unmasked skin is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

Overview Edit

Kylo Ren is a standout hero on the battlefield. He is maneuverable, almost able to keep pace with Darth Maul, but can also saber block. One of his more notable abilities is his relatively high DPS. He can stop enemies in their tracks with freeze, pull them to him using pull, or kill multiple enemies at once using frenzy. However, his most useful application is applying his crowd control abilities to open up enemies for his allies.

Abilities Edit

Pull Edit

Kylo uses the Force to pull enemies ahead off their feet and towards him. However, Kylo must enter a short animation first, in which he is vulnerable. One of his star cards can increase the area of effect.

Freeze Edit

Kylo freezes the movement of all enemies in front of him, immobilizing them for a duration. The freeze will end once the enemy is hit. One of his star cards can increase the area of effect.

Frenzy Edit

Kylo leaps from enemy to enemy, striking them with his lightsaber. Multiple star cards can be used to improve this ability, adding to the distance traveled pre-strike, and the amount of strikes dealt.

Quotes Edit

"I will show you the Dark Side"
— First emote
"Do not oppose me"
— Second emote
— Third emote
"Bow down to the First Order"
— Fourth emote
"The force is strong, but you are not"
— Upon attacking enemies
"First they die. Then we conquer"
— Upon attacking enemies
— Upon using frenzy
"Rrrrragh! Die! DIE!"
— Upon using frenzy

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