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A Ocean World with stormy weather 24\7 in the Outer Rim between the Rishi Maze.The it is place where the Cloning Facilities are located.The Cities are built on Stilts below the surface of the ocean floor.

The Kamino: Tipoca City level is excellent for those who like using turrets. Nearly the entire map is dotted with platforms, connected by bridges. The balconies have Laser Turrets on them, and a few small buildings for snipers. Due to these features, Kamino is excellent for long range combat on the platforms, and close combat on the bridges. The most recognisable feature is probably the Cloning Facility, wich consits of three hallways and one central room. The Republic has the advantage here due to their number of troops dwarfing the Separatists' number of troops.

Vehicles Found: None

Turrets found: [[Laser Turret|Laser Turret

Command Posts: Betas 1 to 3, Alphas 1 to 3, Cloning Center.

Involvement in the films: In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan Kenobi travels to Kamino in an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding the failed assassination attempt on Senator Amidala. While here, he discovers the Clone Army that the native Kaminoans have created for the Republic. This is also the planet where Obi-Wan does battle with Jango Fett. The planet then ceases to have any importance in the films.

Involvement in Star Wars Battlefront: In a desperate attempt to win the Clone Wars the Confederacy of Independent Systems That launches an attack on Kamino in an attempt to Destroy the Cloning Facilities, then finish off the Clone Troopers. However, thanks to the newly unleashed Jet Trooper,the Republic prevails.

Rooms:The Cloning Facility,and some landing platforms


Republic: Spawn as a Jet Trooper and, as fast as possible, make your way out the southern corridor of the cloning facility and on to CP7 (the farthest CP from the cloning facility), ignoring other CPs you pass by. CP7's high elevation will provide a significant advantage in this battle. Defend this position until reinforcements arrive. Then, secure the CPs nearest CP7, especially the one between CP7 and the cloning facility. From there, push on towards the CIS's CPs.


  • Star Wars Battlefront (First Appearance)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II


  • In the trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, there is a scan of the Kamino map where flying vehicles and anti-air turrets are seen, however the air-combat was removed late in development due to the map being too similar to Bespin: Platforms.

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