"'Reckless, aggressive and undisciplined.' Pretty much sums it up."
— Intro dialogue.

Jyn Erso was a Rebel soldier and former criminal who was recruited by Mon Mothma to take part in the theft of the Death Star plans. She was added as a hero in the Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack.


Jyn is a rather fast character that is meant to infiltrate enemy fortifications by sneaking in and then taking everyone out. She can use powerful abilities to her advantage, although her health is only moderate, making her a hero who can take few shots. Use her Sonic Imploder first to lower the enemy's armour and use her rifle configuration to deal massive damage to enemy heroes. Her truncheon surge is helpful for taking out individual enemies at close range and her Sonic Imploder can blind, decrease armour and deal damage so use it before attacking the enemy. Her pistol deals good damage so use it against multiple enemies and use rifle configuration when taking out high health enemies such as heroes and their bodyguards. Be careful however when you use the Sonic Imploder, because the enemy could have used a Bacta Bomb prior to the explosion. Overall, she is best used for sneak attacks or hit-and-runs, since she is fast and quite deadly at any range.

One advantage Jyn has is that, unlike the vast majority of heroes, she is not immediately distinguishable from generic rebel soldiers depending on the map she's being used on. Thus, she can be used in an effective sneak attack since Imperial players make the mistake of assuming she's just another rebel.

Quotes Edit

"I have something for you!"
— Upon using Sonic Imploder
"Some added firepower..."
— Upon switching to Rifle Configuration
"I'm resisting arrest. Again."
— Upon killing a standard trooper
"I will never accept the Empire!"
— Upon attacking


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