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Graveyard of Giants is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was added to the game via the free Battle of Jakku expansion pack alongside Turning Point and Goazan Badlands. It supports Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, and Turning Point (which, prior to an update, was only playable on this map.)


Graveyard of Giants is a very large open map, which makes it great for aerial combat and sniping, as well as making combat for light saber users very difficult. The Jump Pack is great for getting around on this map and avoiding conflict.

Graveyard of Giants takes place on the desert planet of Jakku. The map takes place during the Battle of Jakku which happened 369 days after the Battle of Endor. Due to the immense scale of this battle there were many casualties on both sides (the New Republic and remnants of the Galactic Empire). Among these casualties is the last Imperial Super Star Destroyer ever seen in the line of duty, the Ravager. The Ravager can be seen going down in game and the wreckage of it is seen in The Force Awakens. There is also another crashed star destroyer in the background.

In Fighter Squadron, players cannot fly in the ship. The difference is that the transports spawn on their teams side.

Walker AssaultEdit

In Walker Assault the path of the walker that is towards the leftmost uplink goes across the flat sand or stone ferrocrete.