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Goazon Badlands is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it was added in the free Battle of Jakku Expansion Pack. It is playable in Cargo, Blast, Droid Run, Heroes vs. Villains, Hero Hunt, and Drop Zone.


Goazon Badlands takes place on the desert planet of Jakku, Graveyard of Giants can be seen in the distance.

Goazon Badlands is a very rocky map with sand and rusting wreckage covering the ground. The map features a cave with torches lighting the walls. There is also wreckage of an AT-AT, allowing a hiding spot for health recovery and sniping.

There is a space battle happening between multiple New Republic and Imperial ships in low atmospheric orbit.

The Goazon Badlands are mentioned by Rey in The Force Awakens, making this map one of the few areas in the game that never appeared in the original trilogy.

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