The In-Game Skin Changer mod or simply the Skin Changer mod is a mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II which adds additional commands to the Fake Console of the Unofficial v1.3 Patch that allow the player to change the appearance of infantry (and, to a lesser extent, heroes and vehicles) on the battlefield while in-game. Most of the commands change the entire team and are based on different military divisions and/or environment-specific gear, for instance, one command changes the normally 501st Legion Clone Troopers to take on the appearance of soldiers of the 212th Attack Battalion. Another changes regular Stormtroopers into Snowtroopers.

Crashing IssuesEdit

Despite the author attempting to make the mod compatible with as many systems and other mods as possible, many players suffer from the game crashing when using commands that change the models of units (as opposed to those that only change textures), especially when using the popular Battlefont Evolved mod. The exact cause of and a universal solution to the problem has yet to be found, though a few solutions, such as using an ENB and turning on V-sync, work for some people, but not all. It is possible that these crashes are caused by hitting a game memory limit. If that is the case, then a solution is impossible without modifying the game executable, an act considered illegal by most of the modding community.

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