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Imperial Officers are the military commanders and bureaucrats of the Galactic Empire. They were added as body customization feature on September 20, 2016 alongside the Death Star expansion pack for those that have the season pass. They are the first Imperial units not to wear full body armor. They appear in Star Wars Battlefront II as the Empire's Officer class.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

Overview Edit

Officers and Death Star Troopers are the units have replaced the previously disliked helmet-less stormtroopers. Imperial Officers were first seen in A New Hope, and would reappear in all subsequent movies. Imperial Officers are predominantly human males that occupy commanding positions within the Imperial Military. Drafted from recruits trained at specialized academies, Imperial Officers are expected to be loyal, highly ambitious and fully supportive of the Empire's political ideas, such like the subjugation of non-human species.

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Overview Edit

They appear as playable soldiers in Star Wars Battlefront II. Their abilities are the Blaster Turret, Battle Command: Fortitude and Barrage.

Quotes Edit

"Ten thousand systems rely on us!"
— Upon battle command activation
"For Empire and Emperor!"
— Upon battle command activation
"The Empire's new order is eternal!"
— Upon battle command activation