Jump Trooper
Imperial Jump Troopers 
are the aerial units of the Galactic Empire in the Missions modes of Star Wars Battlefront and reappear in Star Wars Battlefront II as Reinforcement units.

Star Wars Battlefront Edit

Overview Edit

Jump Troopers, and their Rebel counterpart are ranked as the second most dangerous enemies in the Missions modes, behind Shadow Troopers as they can cloak and appear out of thin air to ambush the player. Their appearance is that of the basic Stormtrooper armor with a Jetpack mounted on their backs.

During Combat, Jump Troopers (fortunately) cannot use the Jetpack and Personal Shield at the same time, when on foot, they use the shield to protect against enemy fire, and when proceeding to attack the player, they use the Jetpack to attack from above.

The Heavy Blaster they carry is extremely powerful in harder difficulties, allowing them to deal a hefty amount of damage to the player if not dealt with quickly.

When in the air, the jump troopers can stay airborne for an unlimited amount of time (unlike the Jump Pack which only permits short bursts) and they will not stop unless they are killed of they lose sight of their target.

NPC Attacks Edit

Name Image
RT-97C Heavy Blaster RT97C dice image
Jetpack (visually identical to the Jump Pack) JumpPackDICE
Personal Shield PersonalShieldDICE

Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit

In Star Wars Battlefront II, the Imperial Jump Troopers return but as Rocket Troopers. They appear with their Star Wars Rebels design.