Imperial Engineer (Death Star Gunner)
Imperial Engineer
Basic Info



Galactic Empire

Unit Details

Blast Cannon

Secondary Weapon:

Fusion Cutter




Health and Ammo Dispensers

The Imperial Engineer, also known as the Imperial Gunner or the Imperial Pilot (SWBFI), is the repairman unit for the Empire. His gun shoots a wide spray of shots that will kill easily from short range. The big advantage to him is his Fusion Cutter, which allows the engineer to repair damaged tanks, health and Ammo Droids, turrets and also grants them the ability to slice other people out of tanks. With the ability to dispense health and ammo as well, the Imperial Engineer is a very important part of the Empire's team, and there should be at least a couple on your team at any given time. (Equivalent- Engineer Droid, Rebel Smuggler, Clone Engineer)

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
E-11e Blast Cannon Blast Cannon 200 Shots
F-187 Fusion Cutter F-187 Infinite Use
D5a Detpacks D5a 3 Count
Health and Ammo Dispenser HAAD 5 Count

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
V-6D Motar Launcher EMP Launcher 15 Shots
SE-14r Blaster Pistol SE-14r Infinite Shots
F-187 Fusion Cutter F-187 Infinite Use
Health and Ammo Dispenser HAAD 5 Count

Award WeaponsEdit



  • The BCCK Thermal Detonator in the game uses the same skin as the normal Thermal Detonators.
  • The SE-14R in the game uses the same skin as the ST-1 Pistol.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront II's Galactic Conquest mode, the Imperial Engineer costs 1000 credits to recruit into your Army.
  • The Imperial Engineer that is on Rhen Var and on Hoth, are called AT-AT pilots. They are selected from the strongest Stormtroopers and must have an excellent sense of balance. They wear no armor as they are trained and brainwashed that they are invincible.



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