This article is about a gamemode in Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II, not to be mistaken for the Hero Assault featured in Star Wars: Battlefront II

Heroes vs. Villains is a game mode featured in Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit


This game mode features all Hero characters from the Alliance and Empire. Teams must keep their Heroes alive while destroying the enemy heroes of the other team.

During the game mode, players play either a hero, villain or a soldier in the battlefield, as they try to destroy the enemy team. Whenever a player playing a hero dies, they respawn as a soldier. First team to defeat the enemy team earns a point, if this is done 5 times, the team who defeated the most enemy heroes wins. After a round, players are given a random selection to who they play as.

There is a timer that is present throughout the game mode. The timer for the players choosing of a character lasts for 30 seconds, and the time to kill the enemy team is a total of 3 minutes. If the players don't kill the enemy team within those 3 minutes, the game will be considered a draw. However, the result will also be judged if any heroes were killed on the player or enemy's team, meaning if at least one or two heroes on the enemy team were killed, the players team will get the score, but if more heroes were killed on the players team, the enemy will get the score. If both teams have an equal amount of heroes when the three minutes are up, the game is also a draw.


Heroes vs. Villains can be played on these maps:

Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit

In Star Wars Battlefront II, the match is fought by two teams (namely the Heroes and the Villains) consisting of four players each. There is no era restriction for character selection and therefore characters from any era can clash with opponents from any era. The players can pick characters from all three eras, namely: the Clone Wars era, the Galactic Civil War era and the Legacy era.

Periodically throughout the match, one of the players on each team is designated as the "target" and is marked on the opponents' map and flagged for death. Once the targets are chosen, the objective of both teams is to kill the opposing team's' target while defending their own target. The first team to kill the opposing team's target 10 times wins.