Heavy Battle Droid

The Confederacy's heavy class, the Heavy Battle Droid.

The Heavy Class is one of the four trooper classes used in Star Wars Battlefront II. The Heavy Class occupy the territory and control it, thus providing a base from which the team can position itself.

This class has 200 health points, high durability, a low mobility and are equipped with powerful blasters and shields.


Each faction has it's own Heavy class.

Confederacy of Independent SystemsEdit

Galactic RepublicEdit

Galactic EmpireEdit

Rebel AllianceEdit

First OrderEdit


Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

  • Defender – You gain a small amount of score for each hit you take.
  • Marksman – When you defeat an enemy with a headshot, your weapon heat will be reset and your weapon will produce less heat until you overheat next time.
  • Expert Weapons Handling – Your weapon cooling success states are longer.
  • Brawler – When you defeat an enemy in melee combat, your abilities refresh and you gain a small amount of health.
  • Bodyguard – Take reduced damage from explosions and toxins.
  • Survivalist – Your health regeneration delay is shorter than normal.
  • Bounty Hunter – You gain Battle Points at an increased rate.
  • Resourceful – All of your abilities have shorter recharge times.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Improved Impact Grenade – A more powerful version of the Impact Grenade, featuring a larger blast radius and shorter recharge time.
  • Ion Torpedo – Weapon that fires a missile that tracks the locked vehicle and deals high damage.
  • Detonate Charge – A powerful manually detonated explosive device. RETRIGGER ACTION: Detonate
  • Mobile Sentry – A lightweight version of the Sentry with increased mobility at the cost of damage output. In this version, besides the explosive damage reduction, your health generation starts as you deploy Sentry mode.
  • Supercharged Sentry – A supercharged version of Sentry with a small explosive blast added to each shot. In this version, besides taking reduced explosive damage, your health regeneration starts as you deploy into Sentry mode.
  • Explosive Sentry – A heavily modified version of the Sentry weapon, featuring a high explosive fire mode with a slow rate of fire. The increased weight of the weapon makes it impossible to fire on the move.
  • Improved Combat Shield – An improved version of the Combat Shield featuring additional health and quicker recharge. RETRIGGER ACTION: Undeploy shield.
  • Barrage – In the Barrage configuration, this MPL (Multi-Purpose Launcher) fires multiple small grenades.
  • Ion Turret - Turret armed with ionized rockets that are highly effective against vehicles and other gadgets. If no vehicles or gadgets are in range, the turret will recognize and fire on troopers instead. RETRIGGER ACTION: Self-destruct.

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