Health in Star Wars: Battlefront is like the health on any other game. It indicates how well your current unit is doing, and is shown by a bar in the upper-right screen on Battlefront 1 and the lower-left portion of the screen on Battlefront 2. When your health runs out, you die. You can replenish your health by picking up Bacta Tanks, or standing near a Health Droid. To check an enemy or teammate's health, just point the crosshairs on your screen at them, and their health is displayed at the top-center of the screen. Certain attacks affect the health of nearby units, such as: Regeneration, Invulnerability, and Neuro Toxin. Heroes' health is indicated by a lightsaber that slowly reduces with time, and can be replenished by killing enemies as HAADs don't have effect.

Vehicle's health can be repenished by moving (and landing, for some) vehicles next to the Repair Droid or fix it manually by a fusion cutter in Battlefront 1. In the sequel, however, the Repair Droid was removed and one have to painstakingly fix the vehicle for by himself with the Fusion Cutter, as the AI does not help.

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