A Snowspeeder tying an AT-AT's legs.

The Harpoon Gun is a vehicle mounted weapon on Battlefront I and Battlefront II.

The Harpoon Gun is fired from the Rebel Alliance's Snowspeeder and was commonly put to use pulling cargo before the airspeeder was used in the military. In both Battlefront I and II, the Harpoon Gun is used to tangle the AT-ATs, which has long legs due to the previous disadvantage of the AT-TE's stubbly legs which proved devastating when faced with enemy Mines. Also this so-called "tripping" action was based on a scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back during the battle of Hoth. In Battlefront 1, the Harpoon Gun also acts as a laser cannon and have the up and down motion in addition to side to side.

An AT-AT destroyed by the Harpoon.

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