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Han Solo is a hero in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. In Battlefront, he is one of the seven Rebel Alliance heroes. In Battlefront II, he is one of the seven Light Side heroes.

DICE's Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

"The things I do for that Princess."
— Intro Dialogue


Han is a great long-distance character with several combat abilities that allow him to overpower other hero characters as well as groups of enemy units. He is equipped with a DL-44 Blaster Pistol that deals more damage than the standard one.

Han Solo has three abilities. The first is Rapid Fire, which allows Han to fire his blaster pistol more rapidly and without overheating. Great against groups of enemies or enemy heroes.

The second is Lucky Shot, which is a charged-up blaster shot that has the ability to break through lightsaber blocks and lock on to soldiers and vehicles. It is extremely powerful, capable of taking out Imperial starfighters in a single shot.

His final ability is called Shoulder Charge. This short-ranged ability allows Han to sprint forward and "plow" into enemies to apply damage. This only works on his line of sight.

Han Solo was given a hero trait in the Rogue One: Scarif Update. Han's trait, "Smuggler", gives him increased damage drop-off distance, along with a very small increase in blaster damage at all ranges. This means that Han Solo's blaster will do an increased amount of damage at greater distances, enabling his DL-44 blaster pistol to be quite effective in both long- and short-range situations. Like all hero traits, killing enemies and heroes increases his trait level and the bonuses they give.

Abilities and TraitEdit


"Sorry about the mess."
— 1st emote
"Best pilot in the galaxy - right here!"
— 2nd emote
"I only take orders from one person - me!"
— 3rd emote
"Torture any princesses lately?"
— upon attacking Darth Vader
"I'll make you pay, bucket head!"
— upon attacking Darth Vader
"Think you can out-Force a blaster?"
— upon attacking Emperor Palpatine
"You guys do train, right?"
— upon killing a regular trooper
"You guys make great target practice!"
— upon killing a regular trooper
"Can someone give me a hand here?"
— at low health
"Jabba's playing you for a fool!"
— upon attacking Boba Fett
"This is one bounty you won't collect!"
— Upon attacking Boba Fett


  • The DL-44 Blaster Pistol which Han Solo uses slightly differs from the normal creditsable weapon. The fire rate for the normal DL-44 was changed to fire slower, as some players thought that it was overpowered. But this change does not affect the fire rate of Han's DL-44, meaning that his blaster is the same as the original DL-44.
  • In the February, 2016 update Han was given his Hoth costume from The Empire Strikes Back to wear on Hoth maps, although his hoodie is off.
    • It was also confirmed that Han will wear his stormtrooper costume from A New Hope on any Death Star maps, however owing to time constraints, the costume never appeared and Han instead uses his default outfit on the maps.
  • Both Han Solo and Boba Fett's theme come from the same song known as Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett Medley in the Empire Strikes Back OST.
  • He is voiced by John Armstrong.

DICE's Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit

"That's two you owe me, junior."
— One of Han Solo's emotes



In-game Description Han Solo throws a sticky charge which can be detonated at will.

In-game Description Han Solo can fire the DL-44 rapidly for the next few seconds.

In-game Description Han Solo charges forwards, knocking over and damaging the first enemy he hits.


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"I'm out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur."
— First emote
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster."
— Second emote
"Great, kid! Don't get cocky!"
— Third emote
"That's two you owe me, junior."
— Fourth emote
"Set to blow!"
— Upon detonating Sticky Charge
"This'll hurt tomorrow!"
— Upon using Shoulder Charge
"Piece of junk! Fire!"
— Upon using Sharpshooter
"The Rebels went that way!"
— When outnumbered
"Just pretend you don't see me!"
— When outnumbered
"Where's their main force?"
— When outnumbering the enemy
"My kind of odds!"
— When outnumbering the enemy


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