Health And Ammo Drops, or HAADs, are items that are sometimes left behind from a slain unit. Contrary to the name, HAADs do not necessarily replenish just Health or Ammunition. Engineers also have HAAD dispensers, but they only can dispense Health and Ammo and none of the other types. One HAAD will repenish the grenade supply along with one clip for the blaster rifle and restore the same amount of health as health canisters.

Health and Ammo


There five different types of HAADs. The last three only appear in Star Wars: Battlefront II, and aren't found as often.

  • Blue, transparent cylinder: a bacta tank that replenishes health if it is run over by a unit that doesn't have 100% health.
  • White/red, opaque box: an ammo container that replenishes ammo if it is run over by a unit that has reloaded.
  • Yellow, transparent cylinder: an Energy replenisher that completely fills the Energy bar if it is run over by a unit that does not have a full Energy bar.
  • Green, transparent cylinder: an item that grants the user a temporary Rally bonus, reducing damage taken.
  • Red, transparent cylinder: an item that grants the user a temporary Rage bonus, increasing damage dealt.

Tactical AnalysisEdit

There is no real tactical application of dropped HAADs except to use them as much as possible to gain an advantage over enemies. If a lucky unit finds an ammo drop, they should use a weapon that has a low clip or ammo size, such as the Rocket Launcher or area buffs. If in Multiplayer, however, it is common courtesy to leave HAADs to those who really need them. The Engineer classes are essential for supporting their teams in combat.


  • HAADs are sometimes called "snack packs" by Battlefront players.

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