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Grenade Launcher
EMP Full
Basic Info

EMP Launchers

Mortar Launchers

Radiation Launchers

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Galactic Republic

Separatist Alliance

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Weapon Details

EMP Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is a family of launchers for Grenades. The Grenade Launcher has the ability to charge up as shot, enabling the charge inside to travel a longer distance, as well as activating a timer. If the grenade is launches uncharged, it will only travel a metre or so from the launcher and explode on impact. The game includes at least 4 modifications of the Grenade Launcher, designed to fire a different type of grenade. According to the ingame description the Wookiee Warrior and the Wookiee Smuggler have a basic Grenade Launcher, however it launches a thermal Detonator, with the same timer length as the imperial and BFI Mortar Launchers.

Known Types




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