"Lor batta yo donga"
— Approximate intro dialogue
Greedo white bg
Faction Galactic Empire
Class Long Ranged
Weapon(s) DT-12 blaster pistol
Abilities Confidence Blast
High Senses
Precision Shots
Appearances Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Greedo is a playable Imperial Hero character in Star Wars Battlefront. He is included in the Outer Rim expansion pack, which was the first DLC. He is currently one of the four playable bounty hunters in the game, the others being Boba Fett, Bossk and Dengar.

Greedo is the Rodian who appeared in A New Hope in the now-famous scene of "Han shot first".

Overview Edit

Greedo's weapon of choice is the DT-12 blaster pistol that is also in the Outer Rim DLC. His abilities are based on "confidence", which means the more he's in combat, the more powerful his abilities become. His confidence level can be seen on the top of his head when a soldier is assisting or attacking him or above his health bar if the player is playing as him.

Abilities Edit

Greedo's abilities include:

  • Confidence Blast: The type of grenade varies depending on Greedo's confidence. At the lowest confidence level Greedo is able to use a Dioxis Grenade, followed by a Thermal Detonator at confidence 1, then an Impact Grenade at confidence 2, and finally a Thermal Imploder at confidence 3.
  • High Senses: Greedo's second ability is High Senses, which highlights enemy players through barriers across a large radius, even larger than the Scan Pulse. He laughs if any enemies are highlighted, but won't if he doesn't find anyone. Only he can see the enemies highlighted by this ability, and it will also have a faster cool down if it doesn't highlight anyone.
  • Precision Shots: With this ability, Greedo marks up to five opponents - and a short timer is activated. Once the timer has counted down he shoots them all with a single blast, firing on them rapidly. This ability will only work in his line of sight, so if a player that is locked on moves behind him, they won't be shot. This ability also won't work if a targeted enemy is behind cover. Also, if the shot doesn't lock onto anyone, it will give a faster cooldown as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Regardless of what grenade is thrown by Greedo, it will always display as "Confidence Blast" if a player is killed by it.
  • The only time Greedo doesn't laugh is when he fails to find enemies in his high senses.
  • Like Nien Nunb, Luke Skywalker, and Bossk, Greedo possesses a high level of speed, making him one of the fastest heroes in the game.
  • Greedo is one of the only two Imperial heroes who isn't human, the other being Bossk.
  • Greedo is the only hero that can kill enemies with one shot (if his trait is at the maximum) and is the only hero that can deliver more damage to Rebel heroes than the regular amount they receive.
  • Greedo and Bossk are the only heroes or villains in the game to use the dioxis grenade, though Director Krennic's droid emits a similar effect when enemies are close enough to trigger it in a bubble shield.
  • Strangely, Greedo is the only hero to speak about only one foe, that being Han Solo.
  • Greedo is the only Imperial to be a Rodian.
  • Like the other Rodians in the game, Greedo speaks in Huttese.
  • According to a tweet by Dennis Brännvall‏, Nien Nunb and Greedo weren't originally planned as heroes. Instead Chewbacca and Bossk were planned for the Outer Rim DLC. However to due to development issues with Chewbacca, Nien and Greedo were quickly developed for the DLC in their place.

Gallery Edit

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