In Assault mode, play as the villians. At any Command Post select either Jango Fett or Boba Fett, which either is your favorite. Once you've selected one, go to the center of the level. There you will find a crashed ship, it looks a little like a grey tower. You know it when you see it because it stands out from the rest of the level, the whole level is a sandish color, while the tower is a greyish color. Use your jetpack to get to the top of the crashed ship (the tower) you should be standing on the engines. Stand on the engine that sticks up a little more than the other 3 engines. With the right analogue stick look striaght up. Jump and activate your Jetpack. Once your flying, move the right analogue stick up for the whole time. Once your jet pack stops, press pause and click "respawn". If all goes right, you'll fly across the screen and down below, Mos Eisley will look stange because your so high up. If you don't click "respawn", you'll fall toward Mos Eisley and land on the ground.

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