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Gian Speeder (V-19 Landspeeder)
Basic Info



Royal Naboo

Unit Details

2- 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner

The Gian Speeder is a modified SoroSuub V-19 Landspeeder. It was commonly used by Naboo Royal Security Force to keep Naboo peaceful, and NRS forces adapted the technology for use as an assault craft. Reinforced hull plating and increased maneuverability make the Gian Speeder an excellent vehicle for patrol duties. Gian Speeders are also commonly used as quick response craft for emergencies that suddenly crop up throughout the busy city streets of Theed. This vehicle is only seen in Campaign Mode in Battlefront 1.


Name Image Ammo
Repeating Blaster Repeating Blaster Infinite Shots
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots



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