Geonosian (Geonosian Hive)

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Unit Classes Geonosian
Affiliation Geonosian

Separatist Alliance

Home Planet Geonosis

The Geonosians are the bug-like inhabitants of the planet Geonosis (where they can only be accessed by playing Hunt). They carry weapons similar to a Sonic Blaster, and have very little health. They are annoying in swarms, but alone they are easy hunting. Geonosians can be killed with two shots from a Blaster Pistol, one from the precision pistol. (If you have the damage increase).

Geonosian Soldier
Basic Info




Unit Details

Sonic Blaster

This unit can fly and with their Sonic Blaster they do pretty good against you however they are easily killed. In Hunt Mode, they tend to win mainly because they swarm the area, coming into close contact, and you are armed with a sniper rifle, which isn't well-suited for close quarters combat.


Name Image Ammo
Sonic Blaster Sonic Blaster Infinite Shots

Strategies in defeating a GeonosianEdit

  • Just shoot them, any weapon will do, it only takes a few shots from a Blaster Pistol to bring them down.
  • When playing as Clone Sharpshooters in Hunt mode stay undercover when sniping the bugs, because 5 or so shots from the Sonic Blaster, will kill you.


  • There is only one class of Geonosian in SWBFI and SWBFII and that is the Geonosian Soldier.



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