The 1st-person model of Jango Fett's Flamethrower.

The Flamethrower is a weapon used primarily by Jango Fett and Boba Fett. The flamethrower shoots a large stream of fire at its target, inflicting burn damage at a rapid pace, making it deadly at close range. Even if an opponent is just briefly hit by the flames they will still catch fire and suffer additional burn damage, depleting a large chunk of their health. That being said, the flamethrower has very limited range, at longer distances, its damage will be decrease rapidly and past mid range, it will not be able reliably hit anything. The Bothan Spy's Incinerator is very similar to this weapon.

The flamethrower functions differently depending on the game;

  • In Battlefront II it functions with a clip-based ammunition system: When the trigger is pulled it will automatically shoot out a constant stream of fire until the magazine is depleted, after which it has to be reloaded. It is worth noting that the firing sequence cannot be interrupted mid-clip, meaning that once the player starts firing, the weapon will continue firing uncontrollably until it depletes its entire magazine, forcing a reload.
  • In Renegade- and Elite Squadron the flamethrower functions with an overheat-based system, much like the Blaster Pistol. As such, it never runs out of ammo and the player can fully control the firing sequence by pressing and holding down the primary fire button. To balance out its unlimited ammo, the flamethrower's damage output has been noticeably decreased.

The weapon shares the same skin as the E-5 Blaster Rifle.



  • In Star Wars canon, the flamethrowers are actually embedded into Jango/Boba Fetts' gauntlets.
  • Once fired, the flamethrower will not stop firing until it has depleted its entire magazine. However, if you are playing on the Xbox version of Battlefront, you can switch weapons to interrupt the firing sequence mid-clip.
  • The flamethrower used by Boba Fett has a slightly differrent skin to the E-11 Blaster Rifle.
  • Sometimes the flamethrower will not display any visible fire but the player will still suffer damage if hit by it.