Finn is a playable Light Side hero for the Resistance in Star Wars Battlefront II. He, along with Captain Phasma, was added in The Last Jedi Season.



  • Deadeye: Finn focuses and targets one enemy in front of him, making sure every shot counts.
  • Big Deal: Finn grants himself and nearby allies extra health, damage reduction, weapon cooldown, and faster ability recharge. 
  • Undercover Team: Finn equips the GLIE-44 and hides allies from radars, increasing their speed, and revealing nearby enemies.

Quotes Edit

"Can someone please use the Force?"
— First emote
"I can do this, I can do this..."
— Second emote
"Uh, we better run!"
— Third emote
"You should know: I'm a big deal in the Resistance."
— Fourth emote
"I can get us past them!"
— Upon using Undercover Team
"Just like in training!"
— Upon using Deadeye
"We can do this!"
— Upon using Big Deal
"Bounty hunter! They taught us about these guys; not good!"
— Upon spotting Boba Fett
"Kylo Ren! There's gonna be trouble!"
— In the presence of Kylo Ren
"What... what kind of lightsaber is that?"
— In the presence of Darth Maul
"Bad guy. Red face. Spikes. And a lightsaber - not good!"
— Upon spotting Darth Maul
"Incoming! Old guy in a cloak! Doesn't look so tough!"
— Upon spotting Emperor Palpatine
"Wow, there's a lot of you!"
— When outnumbered
"Oh, that's all you brought?"
— When outnumbering the enemy

Trivia Edit

  • John Boyega, the actor who played Finn in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, voices Finn in the game.

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