"FN-2187 was trained since birth to serve the First Order as a soldier and highly-trained marksman. A skirmish on Jakku awakened his conscience and drove him down a different path, one that earned him the nickname Finn--and established him as a leader of the Resistance."
— In-game Description

Finn is a playable Light Side hero for the Resistance in Star Wars Battlefront II. He, along with Captain Phasma, was added in The Last Jedi Season.


Finn is a support hero for his team. Although more vulnerable in close quarters, Finn can hold his own, and he works best when he sticks close to his squad and team. As a "highly-trained marksman," Finn can more easily take out enemies in close to medium ranges with his Deadeye ability that automatically locks onto enemies while firing his blaster.

His team support abilities extend from here with his Big Deal ability. Upon activating this ability, a massive circular radius opens up around Finn, and everyone within the radius, including Finn himself, is granted bonus health, damage reduction, faster cooldowns for their blasters, and faster recharges for their used abilities. However this ability does does not allow Finn to sprint until it is deactivated.

Finn's final support-based ability is his Undercover Team. Best used for flanking and sneaking around enemy lines, Finn equips a GLIE-44 blaster pistol for close quarters combat and hides his fellow teammates from enemy radars while also revealing nearby enemies. Those within the circular radius also run faster.


  • Deadeye: Finn focuses and targets one enemy in front of him, making sure every shot counts.
  • Big Deal: Finn grants himself and nearby allies extra health, damage reduction, weapon cooldown, and faster ability recharge. 
  • Undercover Team: Finn equips the GLIE-44 and hides allies from radars, increasing their speed, and revealing nearby enemies.

Quotes Edit

"Can someone please use the Force?"
— First emote
"I can do this, I can do this..."
— Second emote
"Uh, we better run!"
— Third emote
"You should know: I'm a big deal in the Resistance."
— Fourth emote
"I can get us past them!"
— Upon using Undercover Team
"Just like in training!"
— Upon using Deadeye
"We can do this!"
— Upon using Big Deal
"Bounty hunter! They taught us about these guys; not good!"
— Upon spotting Boba Fett
"Kylo Ren! There's gonna be trouble!"
— In the presence of Kylo Ren
"What... what kind of lightsaber is that?"
— In the presence of Darth Maul
"Bad guy. Red face. Spikes. And a lightsaber - not good!"
— Upon spotting Darth Maul
"Incoming! Old guy in a cloak! Doesn't look so tough!"
— Upon spotting Emperor Palpatine
"Wow, there's a lot of you!"
— When outnumbered
"Oh, that's all you brought?"
— When outnumbering the enemy

Trivia Edit

  • John Boyega, the actor who played Finn in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, voices Finn in the game.

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