Engine Cooling Tanks 1

The standard layout of an engine room.

The engine is one of the most critical parts of capital ships as featured in the original Star Wars: Battlefront games. Like the life support and shields, engines can be destroyed from outside or inside the vessels they are meant to propel. In standardized ship layouts, the engine room is located alongside the room that contains the shield generator for the ship and across from that which contains the life support systems. In endeavoring to destroy certain vessels, it is more practical to destroy the engine room itself rather than the actual engines outside the ship due to the number of the latter.
Engines 2

The engine units of a Venator-class Star Destroyer.

The room housing the coolant tubes vital to the function of the engines are some of the best protected on any vessel; AI troops tend to camp the room with more frequency than the others. However, much like the life support systems, these coolant tubes can be repaired if damaged, though not if they are destroyed completely. It only takes a few moments to fully repair them with the standard tools of any faction's engineer.

Number of EnginesEdit

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