Endor Chase is a training mission. The goal of the level is to pursue Rebel forces who have stolen Speeder Bikes, and kill them. Like all of the other single-player modes, this mission can be played alone or co-op.

Cutscene Edit

During the cutscene, two scout troopers are fixing up their bikes. Another asks them if they're ready, which one of the two confirms. He then commands them to get on their patrol. The two obey and prepare their speeder bikes.

Stars Edit

Like the other tutorial missions, and all of the single player missions, this one has stars that can be unlocked.

Job Done: Complete the mission.

2.5 Min: Complete within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Defeat Them: Defeat 5 Rebels and race to the finish.

Achievements Edit

There are two achievements that can be unlocked from the mission.

Safety Ain't the Point of a Joyride: Take no damage in the Endor Chase mission.

New Recruit: Complete any mission.

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