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The Elite Rifle is the award version of the Blaster Rifle, unlocked by attaining the "Frenzy" award (12 kills in one life). The Elite Wrist Blaster is the same, but for the Super Battle Droid. This gun shoots three concentrated energy bolts at a time, but takes a second to shoot again. The weapon functions the same as Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster Rifle and Han Solo's DL-44 Blaster Pistol. It has the ability to carry up a maximum of 144 shots.

By obtaining the Legendary status on the Frenzy award, you automatically spawn with the elite rifle. It fires in a 3-shot burst that will almost always kill any unit including Jedi in a single volley. It fires purple bolts of laser energy and uses the same model as the Blaster Rifle.


The Elite Rifle must be unlocked to use it.

Elite Wrist BlasterEdit


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