The Electrostaff is an electronic melee weapon consisting of electro-magnetic pulse-generating tips and is made out of phrik alloy, a lightsaber resistant material. In the Star Wars series, it is commonly associated with Magnaguards, bodyguards of General Grievous, as it is their main weapon.

In the Battlefront seriesEdit

The Electrostaff does not appear under normal circumstances, despite being the main weapon of a Magnaguard (which is playable for the CIS). However, it can be found under modded content, where it is employed by the Imperial Heavy Trooper. The BFX 2.2 mod also provides the Magnaguard with a very powerful electrostaff.

In Star Wars: Battlefront Elite Squadron, the Electrostaff can be equipped by the player for 10 credits by customizing their equipment loadout to include it.


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