V-2 EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade, also known as the Electro-Magnetic Pulse grenade or as the Haywire grenade, is an anti-droid weapon often used by the Grand Army of the Republic. Like any grenade, it can be activated and thrown into the nearby vicinity of droids in order to immobilize or destroy them. In a similar effect to the EMP Launcher, the detonation results in a cloud of disruptive electrical blue energy that damages and disables electronic systems, however, its effectiveness diminishes with the distance from the blast area.


As with the EMP Launcher, it is not quite as effective against organics, but is still capable of stunning (or electrocuting) lifeforms caught within the blast.



  • The Gungans fight droids using their "Boomas", which are EMP grenades in-game.

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