The EE-4 Blaster Rifle  is a blaster featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was added in the Star Wars Battlefront Bespin expansion. It is the successor to the EE-3.

WeaponEE4 big-092495f0
Unlocked at Hutt Contract
Unlock cost 3,500 Credits
Damage 15-10
Rate of fire 120 RPM

600 RPM (Burst)

Range Start drop off:10 meters

End drop off: 40 meters

Cooling power 13 shots

It is similar to the EE-3 in terms of rate of fire damage, but the range and cooling power is different. While the EE-4 deals more damage, it's also faster at overheating. The EE-4 also has a different spread, a horizontal spread.

The Hutt Contract to unlock the EE-4 is named "Sana's Legacy". The requirements for "Sana's Legacy" are: get 30 kills with the EE-3, get 3 Blaster Rifle streaks, and get 10 generator defense events. These generator defense events are featured in Sabotage.

Tips Edit

The EE-4 has a great advantage in short to medium range fights. This is because of its high rate of fire, high damage, and decent range. Surprisingly, the spread of the shots can be used to you advantage. Rapidly firing into groups of people can quickly bring them all into the 20-40 range in terms of health. A well-placed impact grenade can then quickly finish them all off. Of course, if you just need to take out one person, your best bet is to get as close to them as you can. Also, one little known trick with the EE-4 is to aim for the neck. This because if you aim at the head, then most of your shots will miss. If you aim at the neck, you are much more likely to get hits and still have a decent chance at a headshot. Of course, for longer ranges, it is simply best to use the Focus Fire card, although even with this modification the EE-4 is simply not effective at very long ranges. This is because of its rapid damage drop off.

It's best to use the EE-4 in enclosed and small maps like Bespin or Outer Rim where you are more likely to get more kills with the EE-4 due to the close-range burst that will get you lots of kills.

One of the easiest ways to get the generator defense events is to, on Administrator's Palace, sit in the room with the glass ceiling and kill anyone who comes in. While the circumstances for these events are unclear, it seems as though by getting kills near the generators, they count as defense events (Though whether the player, their enemy, or both must be near the generator is unclear). Standing near the generator after arming as a rebel or before arming as an imperial, kill any enemy in order to get the defense event to proc.


The reasoning behind the EE-4's Hutt Contract name, "Sana's Legacy", is a subtle nod to a character in the Star Wars comic books released by Marvel. Sana Starros was Han Solo's alleged wife for a certain amount of time before he met Leia Organa. The name is a reference because the EE-4 was modeled off of Sana's blaster rifle in the Star Wars (Marvel) comic books, although still it's own unique weapon.

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