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"The EE-3 is an optically fitted blaster rifle capable of 3-round burst fire at long ranges."
— In-game description
EE3 dice image
Unlocked at Rank 17
Unlock cost 2,500 credits
Damage 21-12 (per shot)
Rate of fire 120 RPM

800 RPM (Burst)

Range Start Drop off:10 meters

End drop off: 60 meters

Cooling power 23 shots (7 bursts)
Cooldown (Failed) 2.72s

The EE-3 is a blaster rifle featured in Star Wars Battlefront.


It is unlocked at rank 17 and can be purchased for 2,500 in-game credits. It fires in three-round bursts which fire at 800 RPM. The EE-3 is a very popular weapon used by many players once unlocked due to its burst-fire nature and good accuracy. When comparing the EE-3 to the other burst-fire weapon available, the SE-14C, the EE-3 fares better at longer ranges while the SE-14C dominates at close range. The EE-3 has a scope, allowing for precision fore while still retaining a good amount for mid range power, making it very versatile.

The EE-3 is the primary weapon of Boba Fett.

Strategy Edit

The EE-3's accuracy makes it a great choice for medium-range attacks, and the burst fire can be 'cheated' by the player's fire button timing (doing so successfully will make the fire rate extremely fast, being able to kill enemies within a few seconds).

A good combo is the EE-3 and Explosive Shot, which makes the weapon even more deadly. This method can take out huge numbers of enemy players within a short amount of time.

Star Wars Battlefront Blaster guide E11, EE 3, T21 b03:32

Star Wars Battlefront Blaster guide E11, EE 3, T21 b

The second part of this video features the EE-3 and how to use it effectively, also features pros and cons when using it.

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