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Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (EA DICE) is a video game developing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was formed around May 1992, then became a subsidiary of Electronic Arts in 2006. It is most famous for its Battlefield series, on which the original Star Wars: Battlefront was based. DICE currently operates in three different offices, with the primary one being in Sweden, and another in Los Angeles.

EA DICE's contributions to the Star Wars: Battlefront series are the most recent installments Star Wars Battlefront as well as its sequel, Star Wars Battlefront II set to release on November 17th, 2017.


  • Karl-Magnus Troesson (CEO)
  • Dennis Brannvall (Lead Level Designer for Battlefront)
  • Christian Johannesen (Weapons Designer for Battlefront)
  • Guillaume Mroz (Hero Designer for Battlefront)
  • Oscar Carlen (Lighting Artist for Battlefront)
  • Mat Everett (Community Manager for Battlefront and Titanfall 2)
  • Paul Keslin (Producer for Battlefront)

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