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E-5s Sniper Rifle
E-5s Full
Basic Info

Blaster Rifle


Separatist Alliance

Weapon Details
  • 35 (BFII)
  • 40 (BFI)
Rate of Fire:

2 seconds per shot



The E-5s sniper rifle was a specialised sniper rifle produced by Baktoid Armour Workshop and used by the Battle Droid Assassins of the Separatist Droid Army. It could be fired fully automatic with only minimal recoil.

Unlike its Republic clone counterpart, the DC-15x Sniper Rifle, the E-5s had additional magnification levels but was not as accurate in long-range fire.


  • This weapon's only appearance in canon is in the 2003 Clone Wars series, where it fires like a normal Blaster Rifle, and is used by normal Battle Droids. It is one of a few weapons that is given a different rate of fire.



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