E-11s Sniper Rifle
E-11s Full
Basic Info

Sniper Rifle


Galactic Empire

Weapon Details
  • 40 (BFI)
  • 35 (BFII)
Rate of Fire:

2 seconds per shot



The E-11s Sniper Rifle is used by the Galactic Empire Scout Troopers. This weapon is the successor of the acclaimed DC-15x Sniper Rifle used by the Clone Sharpshooters during the Clone Wars. It was acclaimed for having heavier rounds and better accuracy then the DC-15x. The E-11s is one of the best imperial sniper rifles. It actually has been proven better than the DLT-20a Sniper Rifle. However it was plagued by only 36 rounds as opposed to the DLT-20a with 50 - 75 rounds. It is one of a few sniper rifles present in the original Battlefront games.



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