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Droid Starfighter (Vulture-class droid starfighter)
Basic Info

Fighter (BFI) Starfighter (BFII)


Separatist Alliance

Ship Details

1 Pilot

The Droid Starfighter or commonly known as the Vulture Droid is the basic starfighter for the CIS. Its primary weapon (when compared to other starfighter weapons) deals low damage per shot but has a very high rate of fire, making it easier to hit faster targets. Droid Starfighters possess average health and mobility, their primary purpose is to take out enemy starfighters but they do still have enough power and durability to attack capital ships. They are the CIS's most common starfighter and are quite versatile with their fast-firing weapons and decent armoring. (Equivalent- ARC-170 Starfighter, TIE Fighter, X-Wing)

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots
Proton Torpedos Proton Torpedo Infinite Count

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Infinite Shots


  • The Vulture Class droid starfighter is a unmanned ship in the SW universe, but is a manned ship in Star Wars Battlefront, for gameplay purposes.
  • The ship has three common names: Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid Mark I, Droid starfighter, and Vulture-class Starfighter.
  • In Star Wars Episode III the Droid Starfighter shoots buzz droid missiles, but in Star Wars Battlefront 2 it is armed with proton torpedoes instead.
  • The Droid Starfighter is the CIS's only ship in Coruscant Space- A Desperate Rescue, this also applies to Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.
  • The Droid Starfighter is the most maneuverable Starfighter out of the four factions Starfighters, due to its size and its primary weapon has the highest rate of fire.
  • In BF1 the Vulture lands incorrectly, since the Vulture switches to walker mode when landing, this is corrected in BF2.
  • Oddly enough, the droid starfighter will enter its walk mode when landed but it can't move, likely beacuse it is not a ground vehicle but rather, it is counted as a starfighter.




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