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Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit

Disruption is an Ability Card featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, available to the Officer class.

A modified defusion device which creates a burst of ionized energy that overheats enemy weapons, defuses explosives, and temporarily disables turrets.



Common: 16

Uncommon: 17

Rare: 18

Epic: 20


Right ability (Blaster Turret)

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

Disruption is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was introduced in the Bespin Expansion Pack.

Disruption is a Charge Card that releases a wave of energy upon activation. This wave of energy disables blasters (including hero blasters), turrets, droids, and certain vehicle weapons by causing them to overheat prematurely. The disruption effect does not affect Star Card weapons, such as the Thermal Detonator or Scatter Gun.

Despite the disruption, players can quickly fight back if they successfully perform a Cooling Flush, though if they fail, they must wait until the weapon has fully cooled down manually.

The Stinger Pistol and the DT-29 are the only blasters in the game that are immune to disruption, meaning that any player using the blasters will be able to fight back with them without any problems.

A player who successfully uses Disruption on an opponent will gain an Overheat Bonus for every enemy overheated.