In Star Wars Battlefront Series, the outside of the map is considered a "death zone," where units that crossed it for an extended period will die. Normally an outside of the map was enclosed by a barrier. But standing too close to the barrier will cause the unit to meet the same fate. First warning included "Leaving Battlefield" message that flash in the middle of the screen. Along with the HUD display, your commanding officer will speak with you in dismay.

Commanding Officer Quotes (Battlefront 2):Edit

Galactic RepublicEdit

  • "You are leaving the battlefield!"'
  • "Where are you going, soldier!? Get back to the battle!"


  • Error, error, wrong way!
  • Navigation error! Return to the battlefield!

Rebel AllianceEdit

  • "Come on, soldier, get back in the game!"

Galactic EmpireEdit

  • "You are leaving the battlefield, trooper, get back to the battle!"
  • "Return to the battle or suffer the consequences!"
  • "Are you lost? Get back to the action, trooper!"


In any BFI maps imported to BFII the map will not have a death zone, instead the map will continue to clone it's self in a loop.

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