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Death Star Interior map

The Death Star is a huge Battlestation with enough of power to destroy entire planets. The Emperor's Battlestation becomes the base of the Empire, but it was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. This map features two hangers, a Cell block, and the fire control room.

The Death Star is a gigantic superweapon built by the Galactic Empire. Its building specs are seen in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, when Count Dooku takes them prior to leaving Geonosis. The Death Star was first seen in Episode IV: A New Hope, when the Millennium Falcon is pulled into one of it's many hangars via a tractor beam. It also has the ability to destroy an entire planet as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope. It is where Obi-Wan met his demise. After it is destroyed by Luke Skywalker at during the Battle of Yavin, a second Death Star was built. At the end of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, this too was destroyed.

Recognizable features in the game include: The detention blocks where Princess Leia was kept and it's neighboring garbage room, one of the superlaser's firerooms, the tractor beam generator room, the Hangar where the Millennium Falcon docked, and the conference room where Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, and other Imperial leaders met. The Death Star is a huge armored space station, so strong that it is capable of destroying planets in one go. Ever since it was built, the rebellion tried to find the plans to destroy this massive threat. After years of searching; the rebels finally found the plans and launched a massive head strong attack on the Galactic Empire. That attack was known as the Battle of Yavin. The rebels started losing near the end of the battle, but eventually Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star with proton torpedoes from his X-Wing. Later the Imperials would build a second Death Star to take its place.


Death Star: Interior


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