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Imperial Blockade is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it was added in the Death Star expansion pack. It is playable in Fighter Squadron and Battle Station.

Death Star: Imperial Blockade
ISD Death
Basic Info
  • Note: The image in this info box was taken by Battlefront Captures.


The map itself has three Imperial Star Destroyers in a triangle formation, although only one can be attacked. Dotted around the capital ships are various asteroids and large pieces of scrap metal.

There are swirling areas of debris, which houses pickups for repairs, cooldowns, and the hero pickup. Players must be careful though when collecting them, as they can be easily killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is a reddish planet in the background of the map that has a ring around it, hence all of the debris in the battlefield. Dennis Brannvall has been asked about this on several occasions, he has stated that the planet has "never been seen before", so it does not have a name at this moment in time. Fans speculate whether it may be a hint at a new movie or game.


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