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Darth Vader
Lord Vader
Basic Info



Galactic Empire

Unit Details


Secondary Weapon:

Saber Throw

Force Power 2:

Force Choke

Darth Vader, also known as Lord Vader, is all that is left of the Jedi prodigy Anakin Skywalker, after Skywalker is defeated by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar and cast into the lava rivers on the planet. As Obi-Wan describes him later, Vader is "more machine than man" and his life is very closely controlled by his master Darth Sidious. Vader is very powerful and does not handle disappointment with mercy. He kills multiple generals working under him for the Galactic Empire, and pressures many people through his use of the force, especially force choke. Darth Vader eventually kills his former master Obi-Wan and battles his son Luke Skywalker numerous times, before he finally kills Sidious, ending the largest of the troubles of the Rebel Alliance, before he finally dies from damage sustained from Darth Sidious's force lightning. In the game, Vader is slow (except for his force run, which is very fast), with force flight as opposed to force jump, which when used properly allows him to fly unsupported for long distances. His lightsaber attack has a very limited range of motion, but he has a lot of health (which means he has a very high defence and is quite frustrating to shoot at), and his lightsabre attack is probably the most powerful in the game. Vader's sprint attack is very lethal if you aim correctly. All in all Darth Vader is one of the most feared and respected figures of the Galactic Empire.


Darth Vader is a slow but powerful fighter who wields a red-bladed lightsaber. His attacks consist of slow, powerful slashes. Vader is one of the slowest characters in the game, moving at a walking pace, which limits his range when attacking. Vader is capable of levitating through the Force, which allows him to reach higher altitudes despite his lack of agility. When jumping, Vader is able to attack with a single swipe, which brings him down to ground level again. When sprinting, Vader can attack with one powerful but inaccurate slash, which destroys any momentum he had.

Attacks (All Games)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Vaders's lightsaber Lightsabre Infinite use
Force Choke Force Choke Infinite use
Saber Throw Sabere Throw Infinite use

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Vaders's lightsaber Lightsabre Infinite use



  • The in-game attack stance for Darth Vader is the Form 2, Makashi, the stance also used by Count Dooku. The stance should be the Form 5, Djem So.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront I Darth Vader has been known to instantly kill Rebel vehicles including the Rebels hover tank.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Darth Vader has a very powerful sprint attack. Vaders sprint attack has two critical flaws. 1 being that is is inaccurate, if the player wants to fight only using Vader they need to practice hitting targets with Vaders sprint attack if they are to be proficient. The 2nd flaw is that Vader is easily manipulated by the terrain when sprint attacking, and he can go flying into the air over his intended target.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Darth Vader can use Force choke for an unlimited time if the player holds and uses Force Choke and hits the button that switch force power very fast.
  • Darth Vader is one of the few if not only character that can counter balance themselves in mid-flight if they are Force Pulled. In addition to counter balancing in mid flight, Vader can counter attack the Jedi that Force Pulled him with a Jumping Attack.
  • Darth Vader also has the power to float, although this can only last if his stamina is still open.



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