Dark Trooper Phase III
Dark Trooper P3
Basic Info

Imperial NPC


Galactic Empire

Unit Details

Wrist Blaster

Secondary Weapon:

Electro Staff


Wrist Rockets

Dark Trooper Phase III's appear in Star wars: Battlefront Elite Squadron as an unobtainable unit.

X2 encountered several of these on Bespin and Mustafar. They are equipped with an electro staff, Wrist Rockets, and a built in Blaster Rifle.

Attacks (SWBF:ES)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Wrist Blaster Wrist Blaster Infinite Shots
Wrist Rockets B2-WW Infinite Count


  • Along with the Royal Guard, this is the only Imperial NPC unit in the Star Wars: Battlefront Series.
  • This is the only Imperial NPC that only appeared in the Expanded Universe.
  • The Troopers appear to be wielding sniper rifles despite the fact they fire blasters from their wrists.
  • It's quite odd that there are many Dark Troopers despite that these Troopers only had small numbers.



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