The DLT-19X is a Targeting Rifle and 1 of the 4 blasters introduced in Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim.

This weapon is more of a sniper rifle like the other targeting rifles. It does full damage and has maximum range. However, it suffers from a poor rate of fire, and only one shot will cause it to overheat.

The Hutt Contract used to unlock this blaster requires achieving 3 Targeting Rifle Streaks, get 15 kills with the Cycler Rifle, (which doesn't need to have shots to the head.) and get 15 headshots.

Tips Edit

While powerful, the DLT-19x requires a headshot at almost any range for a kill on an uninjured enemy, but if you are within 6 meters, it will be one hit kill as long as the enemy doesn't have a health boost. It is critical to have great aim with this weapon. It is also important to use good judgement when attempting to land a shot. Don't waste shots on targets you think might be killed with a great deal of luck. Pick enemies you are confident you can kill.

Combining the DLT-19X with the Berserker trait or Sharpshooter trait will make the DLT-19X extremely effective. At level 3 of Berserker or Sharpshooter, you will be able to one shot anyone at any range unless they have the Bodyguard trait equipped or extra Bacta Health. Cooling Cell can also be a good choice when using the DLT-19X, as when the star card is on, it will allow the DLT-19X to be shot more than once until the timer runs out.

Video Edit

Star Wars Battlefront Blaster guide CA 87, DL 44, DLT 19X04:03

Star Wars Battlefront Blaster guide CA 87, DL 44, DLT 19X

A strategy guide video, the 3rd weapon featured is the DLT-19X

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