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DH17 dice image
Unlocked at Rank 3
Unlock cost 550 credits
Damage 25-5
Rate of fire 450 RPM
Range Start Drop off:25 meters
End drop off:40 meters
Cooling power 23 shots
Cooldown (Failed) 2.72 seconds
"The DH-17 is a fully automatic blaster pistol. Its high rate of fire, along with reasonable accuracy, make it an ideal weapon for medium-range combat."
— In-game description

The DH-17 is a Blaster Pistol featured in Star Wars Battlefront.

History Edit

The DH-17 was a blaster pistol used during the Galactic Civil War by both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Notably used by Rebel soldiers on the Tantive IV during the opening scenes of A New Hope. It was produced by BlasTech Industries.

Stats Edit

This weapon functions as a machine pistol, firing roughly 5 shots per second. It is used primarily for close-quarters combat, so use it for the smaller gamemodes such as Blast, Drop Zone, Cargo and Droid Run. It is the primary weapon of Nien Nunb, and is slightly more powerful than the regular pistol.


It's unlocked at rank 3 and can be purchased with 550 in-game credits. It's unlocked at the same level as the DLT-19.

Gallery Edit

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